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Carrying out a periodic overhaul of the watch, especially for automatic mechanical models, is recommended after a period of operation that can vary from three to five years depending on the use and type of mechanism.

Even if the watch works correctly, periodic overhaul is strongly recommended to prevent possible damage caused by operation in the absence of proper lubrication of the moving parts subjected to friction.

Similarly, the periodic overhaul of the watch is essential to keep the mechanics in good condition and to check all the parts that generally wear out during normal operation. The watch, if used, works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without interruption, year after year, which is why the technical intervention necessary for periodic maintenance must take a proper place in the care plan of your watch, especially if last works for a long time.

What the Complete Review includes

  1. The watch is completely disassembled.
  2. All components subject to normal wear are checked and replaced if necessary.
  3. Washing of components in special machines and degreasing solutions.
  4. Assembly with lubrication of pins and contact parts.
  5. Progressive check of operation and replacement of worn external components such as winding crown, chrono pushers (if present), glass.
  6. Case and bracelet polishing for all models, steel, steel-gold, gold, platinum.
  7. Waterproof check for Sub models with replacement of the seals.
  8. Final check on wrist movement simulator for self-winding models.

All the steps listed are required to Guarantee 12 months of Review carried out.